Radio: In the darkness there is light

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Segment 1 of March, 21 2012.  Fresh from his reserve duty in the IDF and run in the Jerusalem Marathon, Yishai brings you a show that is full of interesting insight, thought-provoking questions, and Jewish pride.  This week begins with Yishai, joined by his wife and co-host Malkah, talking about Yishai’s recent reserve duty and the story of a person in Yishai’s unit that is in the process of bringing world-class wine making to Israel’s Negev Desert.  Malkah talks about how nervous she was to have Yishai in reserve duty near Beersheva during recent rocket attacks from Gaza.  There is a war on the horizon in the Fleisher house and Operation Chametz Free, between Malkah and chametz, will commence soon as she prepares to clean for Pesach.  Seder preparations, Spring cleaning, and shopping for Peasach are also discussed.  The show moves onto a more serious note with Yishai and Malkah talking about the tragedy that recently took place in Toulouse, France where Jews were brutally shot by an unknown gunman.  Yishai talks about fighting evil by jogging in the Jerusalem Marathon, which featured over 15,000 Jewish runners and being able to see that there is Am Yisrael is strong and thriving.

YFS Week 40

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