Radio: Israeli Pride for Jews and Arabs

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Segment 2 of Jan. 3, 2012.   Yishai and Baruch Widen (interfaith dialogue expert) delve into the real life of Jewish/Arab coexistence in Israel. Yishai’s car gets smashed with a rock in Jerusalem with the intention of theft not terror.  This adventure leads Baruch to think about how to bring pride and positivity to the life of all youth in the country – Arabs and Jews! What place do non-Jewish citizens have in the military forces of the Jewish State?  Arabs have served with distinction in the Israeli Defense Forces for years and there are increasing numbers of proud Israeli Muslims serving and proudly saluting the flag of the Jewish State.  Listen in to hear some good news and feel the excitement of hanging out with Israeli Airforce Wingmen!  Finally, Yishai and Baruch share their thoughts on the Alternative Peace Conference and share their throughts on “The Best Plans” and how to focus on what the real problems are while holding on to the positive roots of future changes.

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