Radio: Jewish Blues on Mt. Zion & IDF Appreciation

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Segment 2 of Dec. 27, 2011.  Yishai visits Assaf’s Cave in Jerusalem and speaks with Levy Dovid co-founder (along with Yaakov Lippon) of this new Wednesday night institution of joy and music.  Yishai then speaks to world famous Jewish blues guitarist Lazer Lloyd known for his solo work and his work with the band Yood.  In the second half of the segment Yishai interviews Aba Claman, founder and director of “Thank Israeli Soldiers”.

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One Response to “Radio: Jewish Blues on Mt. Zion & IDF Appreciation”

  1. Bettyhight

    Oh my…I this music….so up lifting I mean I can’t find the words…just beautiful…I love the blues, I mean I live in the USA & we have alot of blues here & its pretty, but this is so much deeper its awesome..That you so much for bringing this home to me..I just love it…Great way to start my day..Shalom


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