Radio: Beit Shemesh Conflicts & Iran Ups the Heat

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Segment 3 of Jan. 3, 2012.   Beit Shemesh, located in the foothills between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in a warm mixed community has been the location of social conflict between different Jewish groups.  The media has raised the visibility of the local conflict to a highly followed national issue.  Yishai discusses the events with journalist Shmuel Sokol who is following the story closely and provides an excellent, eye-opening explanation of the situation.

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One Response to “Radio: Beit Shemesh Conflicts & Iran Ups the Heat”

  1. Bettyhight

    Even tho the mixture don’t agree, you have to know that God is restoring His people & they will all come together soon & know that He is God…the out pouring of the Holy Spirit will happen soon!!!! I keep praying for the peace of Israel, we will all dwell together in unity…Shalom..!


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