Radio: Joy is the answer

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Segment 1 of March 7, 2012.  Purim is here and this week’s show kicks off with Yishai, joined by his wife and co-host Malkah, talking about the holiday and how it is being celebrated, including the production of a recent video with features Malkah baking hamantashen.  Other topics in this segment include discussing a recent video created to raise awareness about the release of Jonathan Pollard, human rights atrocities in Syria and how individual Israelis should be involved and similarities between Haman and Amalek.  The segment continues with Eve Harrow and Yishai looking at alternate perspectives to life events and wraps up with Yishai talking about his recent phone call with Israeli clarinetist Chilik Frank and his excitement to have his music used to encourage Jews worldwide.

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One Response to “Radio: Joy is the answer”

  1. Kathy Mckimm

    Great stuff Malkah; raising the horrible ongoings in Syria. >> It must have been a similar backdrop at the time of the Holocaust ..when perfectly good people/ churches/ chose to do nothing to put a stop to Hitler’s evil plan for the Jews. It is surely a matter of ethics, personal integrity, courage and determination on the part of good men. We are seeing now the cowardice and intransigence of a world devoid of brave men, or those like Russia and China who will promote their own issues, no matter what the human cost. Come soon Mashiach and redeem this sad world.


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