Radio: On a One-State Solution

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Segment 2 of June 6, 2012.  Continuing this week’s ‘best-of’ show, we present a fascinating two-part discussion with alternative peace activist and educator Yehuda HaKohen.  Yehuda has a deep understanding of history, and is a brilliant and insightful commentator on Israeli/Arab co-existence and the path forward.   In this second section of the discussion: Yishai and Yehuda discuss the ideas underpinning the future of peace in the Middle East and review the history.  In the last section of this segment Yishai discusses the lesson of Moses and his choice to help the girls at the well in Midian – what can we learn from this story about leadership? Don’t miss Leah Bat Tzion at minute 22:00!!!

Yehuda HaKohen is a seasoned political activist and reservist in the Israel Defense Forces. As Director-General of the Zionist Freedom Alliance, he has dedicated himself to the struggles for justice, peace and indigenous rights in the Middle East.  Yehuda teaches history at several Jerusalem institutions and organizes grassroots Jewish-Arab dialogue sessions for the purpose of fostering mutual acceptance and understanding.

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