Radio: Shining A Light From Exile?

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Segment 4 of Jan. 17, 2012.  Yishai invites his friend and Yeshiva University fellow alum Rabbi Shimshon Nadel to the Talpiot area mall.  They settle into the Aroma Cafe in the Kinyon HaDar mall to delve into a cup of coffee and look at the fork in the road facing the Jewish population of the world: gather into the Jewish ancestral land in Israel, stay in the diaspora, or split the camps.  Yishai and Rabbi Shimshon cover three issues that converge on this question: 1.  How to be a light onto the nations? Where do the Jews belong? 2.  For the purpose of safety should we split the camps of the Jewish people into those “home” outside Israel and those who return to Israel? 3.  Is America safe? Why do we believe that America is a safer haven than Israel?


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