Radio: The ‘other’ Jewish State

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Segment 3 of March 21, 2012.  In the third segment of this week’s show, Yishai speaks to Joe Sabag, the executive director of the Zionist Organization of America’s Florida Office.  Yishai and Sabag discuss their recent meeting during the first annual Florida Loves Israel Conference in Tallahassee and Sabag talks about the mission of ZOA in Florida, in the context of outreach to both Jews and non-Jews alike.  ZOA has a commitment to ensuring that interests relating to Israel are appropriately represented in State legislative bodies and the Florida State Legislature was the second state governing body in the United States to release a resolution in the support of the State of Israel.  This resolution was passed in both the state house and senate with overwhelming support among all who love and support Israel.  The issue of where Jews should be allowed to live and not live in the Land of Israel and how the two-state solution relates to it is discussed.  The realization that a lot of the problems that are commonly seen within Israel activist circles are caused and created by a true misunderstanding of the situation and potential solution finishes this segment.


YFS Week 40

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