Radio: The Purim story today

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Segments 3 and 4 of March 7, 2012.  In the final two segments of this week’s show, Yishai presents a Purim class he gave the tought on the eve of Purim 5772 at HaKotel Yeshiva in Jerusalem.  The text of the Megilla is full of secrets about how to handle the dangers of Amalek. Follow the criminal mind and learn about the traits of Amalek, if you dare to fight him. The show wraps up with Benjamin Netanyahu’s strong speech from AIPAC 2012 in which he called for dealing firmly with the threat of Iran, and not waiting for other nations to deal with Israel’s foes for her.

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  1. anonymous

    We read thru Esther this morning… how very telling …it is so timely. Baruch HaShem forever!


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