Radio: The Shell of Love

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Segment 4 of April 11, 2012.  By popular demand, Yishai presents the second half of a lesson given by alternative peace activist Yehuda HaKohen at Machon Meir Yeshiva in Jerusalem.  In contrast to the first half, which was presented last week, this part of the lesson focuses less on theoretical concepts and hones in on how love breeds courage and destroys fear.  HaKohen uses the example of an event which occurred in the 1940s and resulted in twelve young Jewish men, members of the Lehi movement, being hung by the British government for opposing British rule in Eretz Yisrael.   HaKohen describes two of these young men, both named Eliyahu, and the traits which make it clear that the one thing that binds them together is an absolute and undying love for the Jewish people but also a steely determination to bring the Jewish people home.  The segment and this week’s show wrap up with discussion of the 1948 War of Independence which was seen as ‘won’ by many but in fact ultimately did not leave Jerusalem in Jewish hands.  Finally, HaKohen addresses the revolutionary Zionists, such as students of Rav Kook and those involved with the Lehi movement, and the importance of their view that the Jewish people are the storehouse of desire to return to Jerusalem and revive the homeland.

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  1. B israel

    as a British Jew (who’s father was Chief Rabbi Jacobavits’s body guard) I 100% agree about Yehuda Hacohens comments about the British Rabbinate.


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