Radio: The real occupation of Gaza

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Segment 2 of March 21, 2012.  Alternative peace activist Yehuda HaKohen joins Yishai in the second segment of the show.  Together, they discuss issues such as recent statements made by European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton regarding the situation in Gaza and how, because of her stance, she should be considered not only an enemy of the Jewish People but also of all Middle Eastern peoples.  HaKohen talks about how the Middle East Quartet, an organization that was created by former American President George W. Bush, is committed to nothing more than shrinking Israel.  The influence of Bush to coerce former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon enact the destruction of Gush Katif, the former bloc of Jewish towns and villages in Gaza, is discussed. The thought that the Palestinian People are being used as pawns by outside countries in order to shrink the size of Israel and fuel corporate interests is presented.  Yishai talks about a recent tour he took part in and how the tour guide of the tour talks about poverty and how Arab residents are pressured by government to not accept Israeli citizenship or vote in order to maintain the status quo.  Methods to make a minority population co-exist in a Jewish State  are presented and round out this segment.

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