Radio: Yishai in Toronto

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Segments 1 and 2 of March, 14 2012.  Before leaving for IDF reserve duty, Yishai put together a great show that begins with a riveting speech, given during Yishai’s Winter 2012 speaking tour, to students of the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT), a Jewish high school in Toronto, Canada.  The speech begins with Yishai discussing his background and the idea of Joseph’s need to be returned to the Land of Israel, even after death.  The concept of visionaries such as Theodor Herzl being enlightened t0 help physically bring the Jewish people back to Israel is presented along with how fasting on Yom Kippur and removing oneself from technology during Shabbat is an amazing form of meditation and reflection.  This segment wraps up with a question and answer session led by Yishai for the students in attendance.

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